Look My Way



Look my way and touch my eyes,

Which see your sadness and your love,

Look my way and see my tears,

Which feel your sorrow and your loss,

Look my way and hear my voice,

That speaks in earnest truth,

Of many things too long unsaid,

Of love astray in a cold, cold wood,

Of chances missed, of learning lost,

Of sagas left untold,

Look my way and see the flesh,

That slept too long,

On a bleeding bed of thorns,

Which bleeds yet still on roses red,

Whose petals fall to ground,

To grow anew,

A higher love,

A love of all mankind,

The antidote to hate,

A love now shared by few.

6 comments on “Look My Way

  1. sar108 says:

    I am speechless. this is my poem, you just happened to be the author :), I breath in my life, so it’s mine. easy to fall in love with. how is it possible to express this deep feelings, and not think about God? How pain feels sweet when there is one person in the world you can share it with..I love, love this poem..No room for trivial talk for me tonight Chris, I deserve something better tonight..Thank you Chris


  2. Christopher Black says:

    It was to make up for the last one a little. 🙂 Thank you so much-am happy it pleased you


  3. sar108 says:

    Nothing to make up for my Chris 🙂 More than happy- feel blessed- for what you do to me..


  4. sar108 says:

    will be incommunicado for while


  5. Christopher Black says:



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