The Lover


Yes stay, my mpenzi, the sky is so blue,

And the treasures of nature are painted all through,

The hills are all greenness, from gentle soft rain,

And the air smells of jasmine from a far Persian plain.


Let us quicken, my heart, to the acacia’s shade,

The sheltering roots, and the place we have laid,

Where the spirits are singing their mystery song,

And in the soft starlight my eyes for yours long.


And when you are dreamy I’ll make you a bed,

Of African flowers to comfort your head;

While the luminous moon caresses your face,

I’ll delight you with tales of love’s happy chase.


So gently I’ll speak, and so quietly sigh,

You will think that some heavenly angel does cry,

But, yet-as I speak, I shall give my heart’s key,

And then you will know that the tears come from me.


But why, my dark queen, does your fair image dissolve?

While round me these nightmares all swirl and revolve,

So stay with me awhile, and, again hold my hand,

As with endearing eyes, you take this gold band.












2 comments on “Mpenzi

  1. Lavender says:

    I’m sorry but you’ll have to delete this poem. It is too good for the blogosphere.


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