For Isn’t This Tuesday?



While you talked of jazz, and how this one sings,

I thought of a moment and so touched your thigh,

You trembled, then flushed,

Then quietly asked,

Could this be a sin,

This answering sigh,

When a President signs orders,

For someone to die,

For isn’t this Tuesday,

The day no one asks why?

18 comments on “For Isn’t This Tuesday?

  1. sar108 says:

    No.Chris please do not give this BEAUTIFUL DIVINE EROTIC MOMENT WORTH LIVING FOR…cut if off from the second part- that’s another story, where nothing matters, another poem..please if you like me change this


  2. Christopher Black says:

    That was the point. To put that beautiful moment in its real context to reveal the crime behind the beauty.


  3. sar108 says:

    Oh I’ve realized that. But I’ve read the first part and I could feel my heart swelling, went to another room to be ALONE /you know some pleasures are lonely/ and than knock out- cruel despicable disrespectful of life, crime is a contrast, but unease tells it doesn’t deserve so much. That’s how I feel, and I feel free to say that- hit’s not just my Impulsiveness , Chris, it’s my possessiveness. just FYI. I couldn’t delete that temper tamtrum ”don’t you dare change my poem”, ohohoho

    /’my poem’ – not in million years will I unearth something like this -sad smiley/


    • sar108 says:

      I’ve read it again- same reaction. Now I think I know the reason why: there is no organic connection btw two parts- still 2 contrasting parts, no natural, organic connection. I can ”rationalize” but I don’t’ feel it..that’s missing /for me/


  4. Christopher Black says:

    Yes, and that is the way it is meant to be-it is supposed to be jarring-to be uncomfortable. The first section-well, perhaps another one with just that


  5. Mick Collins says:

    What weakens the poem, Chris, what pushes it from tender feelings to sentimentality, is the idea that the President’s signing the death warrants is an act as personal as your exercise of the droit de cuissage. Remember that one? When a Tutsi overlord caressed the thigh of his Hutu’s daughter, it was considered a feudal privilege. When the President orders drone hits–it’s every bit as much an act of feudalism–for Obama it is a duty. For Clinton it was an erotic gratification–and it will be again.

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    • Christopher Black says:

      That was the point, that people while engaging in these intimate acts are doing so in the context of the banality of murder.


  6. The seeming (or actual) conflict or contradiction…

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  7. Irina says:

    Oooh & aaah & ouch… sorry, i’m kind of new around here – not sure with whom it’s allowed 2 agree or disagree…😓
    Alors, par dépit,😒, je suis en désaccord avec tout le monde, même avec le poète😉!

    Malgré toute cette discussion,
    ce poème: si concis – c’est à dire – à la forme poétique parfaite; est en plus physiologiquement & sociologiquement FOUDROYANT, VIOLANT, ANGOISSANT, même offensant souvent …je veux dire pour nous, les lecteurs…

    Mais Vous, Christopher Blake, Vous maitrisez votre ART avec une virtuosité calme et nonchalante…

    What I didn’t like, though, it’s that photo… personally me thinks☺ literature, poetry in particular, doesn’t need any visual effects… there’s always a theater or movies…(4 those lacking imagination)



  8. Irina says:

    I do mean photos only, specifically those smug ugly faces
    Paintings ok, but even then – when a poem or a novel, or a roman is great…., eh?


    • Christopher Black says:

      I began using images for that very reason- that without them these days no one reads poetry-I try to find an image that fits-that image of Obama signing the death warrant of someone while the citizenry look on was perfect for that


  9. Irina says:

    Juste pour être complètement clair: J’adore cette poésie, comme tellement d’autres!
    Mais, soyez prêt, Maître, j’ai presque commencé mes commentaires sur 09/05/1945….
    May i?


  10. Irina says:

    Oh, Mon Dieu, those r citizens watching someone getting death penalty signed???
    Just can’t believe that—– The LOOK on everybody faces —– St.Claus + delightful kids about 2 jump onto black s.c.’ lap…. scary…. is it 4 real? Thought smthng metaphorical….just a pic.


  11. Christopher Black says:

    well, I do not want to get into a critique and defence of my poetry here-either people like them or they do not. I’ll leave that for others to write elsewhere.


    • Irina says:

      about ur comment @ 6:56 Sounds like I said something offending? By all means, that wasn’t my intention, + who am I (?) 2say or imply anything rude to a man whom I consider (as well as my husband did) a genius & a hero, since I first heard of you helping predsednik Slobodan Milosevic, whom I also highly admire & consider him a martyr….
      My deepest apologies, Maître, if i said smthng stupid… 😓😓😓
      In chambers, counsellor? I mean email?😩 my pathetic attempt @ humour 😭


      • Christopher Black says:

        No not at all. I didnt mean to be taken that way. Your comments re very welcome, I suppose what I’m saying is that I’m not used to this kind of attention and not really comfortable talking in depth about what I write as I often don’t know where it comes from or why I make certain choices, some I do, but more often I do not. I really find some of the very positive reactions a bit overwhelming to be honest. Am not used to it. 🙂


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