There Is No Place




There is no place, no friend, no face,

That friendly to me smiles,

There is no joy, no warm embrace,

No dream of Blessed Isles,

Nor anyone to sing me songs, nor speak

Kind words to ease my day,


For I am far from you, my love,

And far from peace this day,

For orders came from high above,

In June, or was it May,

‘The battle’s on, the war is won,

‘Attack along the line.’


They said I fought for what was right,

But now I know they lied,

For those I killed that cold, cold, night,

Since hugged me as we cried,

And damned them all to hell and more,

For the wasting of our lives.




7 comments on “There Is No Place

  1. Christopher Black says:

    Thank you James. 🙂


  2. Irina says:

    Douleur et reconnaissance…
    Le mot deuxième dans ses 2 sens:
    Remercier le Poète pour qu’il ait reconnu…( noté… osé de le dire…)

    (ce douleur des tous et chacun ..)


  3. Irina says:

    Si j’ai comme souligné “reconnaissance” , c’est peut-être parce que je me suis souvenue de cette toute une petite histoire:

    Mozart(5 ans, déjà le musicien assez grand) / Marie-Antoinette (7 ans, déjà une mignonne petite fille/princesse autrichienne, mais pas encore La Reine de la France, évidemment):

    When He was trying (just after his performance for the royal family ) to get up&away from the piano, he slipped & fell… She, Marie-Antoinette rushed to help him get up… Alors, He said something to the extent: “Celle – je l’épouserai!”~~~~When Maria-Teresa ( her mom) asked him why…his reply was:

    “Par reconnaissance”


  4. Irina says:

    Je Vous en prie, Maître! Merci à Vous surtout!!!


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