What Matters?



What matters the money, the glory, the fame,

When others are starving and we are to blame,


What matter the words of philosophers dead,

When learning is murdered while we dwell in dread,


What matter the clouds, the stars and the moon,

When again we can hear the Horst Wessel tune,


What matters the cheery talk in a bar,

When after, we know, we march off to war,


What matter the priests who pray for our souls,

When men cut off heads to stick them on poles,


What matter the teachers, the artists, the wise,

When no one has ears and no one has eyes,


What matter our kisses, our moaning, our breath,

When watching TV we partake of death,


What matter the stories, the legends, the songs,

When no one has trust and no one belongs,


What matters the search for the meaning of life,

When money’s so scarce some reach for a knife,


What matters the morrow, the future, our fate,

When we already know it’s already too late,


What matters, my friend, let’s drink, and find out,

Or stay as we are, in shadows and doubt,


For I know not the answers and fear never will,

But it’s making me crazy, and  a little bit ill.



9 comments on “What Matters?

  1. stanlyhoward says:

    this is excellent. Are you sending it out? It deserves to be published. It sort of reminds me of early Auden.   

    Liked by 1 person

    • Christopher Black says:

      Thanks Stanley, that is very high praise. Really appreciate it. Re publishing-it is very difficult to get poetry published in Canada, since there are so few journals that publish poetry, mainly academic and they do it a couple fo times a year and a small selection. So, I decided tp post to a blog so at least people can read them, if they become aware. Trying to build a selection for a book as that seems easier to do. Agree with the statement on your site. Chris


  2. Erika Rummel says:

    Maybe a shot of nihilism is good for the soul after all. A kind of vaccination against angst.


    • Christopher Black says:

      Thanks for the comment Erika, and glad to see you back. 🙂 Yes, my existential angst continues. Maybe a couple I wrote while you were away are more positive, but maybe not. And congrats re your novel. As for the Nobel one. That should be published. It’s very good.


  3. Georgina Schaeff says:

    Like your work!


  4. Irina says:

    in vino vérités, n’est pas? & plus!


  5. Irina says:

    je voulais le dire, comme il faut , comme nous tous le savons, en latin… in vino veritas ….mais mon ordinateur a son propre cerveau a lui..c’est troublant, non(?) et si il (mon ordi) me control?! ☺😭


  6. Irina says:

    SVP, Maître, ne chasses-moi pas a site du S. Kings pour avoir fait cette remarque..


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