Smiling Carnivores


These are the smiling carnivores,

Who gnaw at the bones of the poor,

Who speak in soothing tones,

Of riches to come,

Of patience in poverty,

Of endurance in suffering,

Of liberty and democracy delivered,

With a policeman’s baton;

The twisted faces of hypocrisy,

Illiterate bankers’ puppets,

All the smiling jackals,

Born with the golden spoons,

Fed on the bitter milk of hatred and contempt,

For Joe, and Juan, and Anton,

For Wanda, Estella and Rosa

For your tears that made them rich,

For your sweat that made them strong;

The liberal betrayers-who held Rosa’s hand,

While raping her trust,

Obama, and Harper, Bush, and Blair,

Cameron, Sarkozy, Merkel, and all the rest,

Remember them –these salivating scavengers-

Wasteland dogs,

With snouts full of blood and torment,

The penetrating nauseous stench,

Of smashed bones, smothered hopes,

Drinking from the black waters of the swamp,

A pack of flunkies and well-paid hoodlums,

Remember them-let your anger reign,

So Retribution’s hands won’t tremble.

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