Old Mount Meru

arusha city pic1

.It sees them all with eternal eyes,

The street boy, the shop girl, the thief,

The man in the bar, the girl in the car,

The morani, the proud, the ones with no chance,

The ones still clinging to dreams,

or to prophets, to Jesus, Mohammed,

The real and the fake,

The searchers, the desperate,

It watches them all,

In the town, in the fields,

Their broken hearts withered,

Like old falling leaves,

Floating, twisting, endlessly down,

To the sad waiting earth, arms open,

Comforting, imploring, while they struggle

For lives beyond anyone’s reach,

Greeting the day with brave, bitter smiles,

From the hopelessness of hope,

Among the green shining hills,

Where, unseen, uncaring, in silence,

Roams the leopard on long, ancient paths,

Where Arusha Town rests below old Mount Meru.

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