Speed Home The Passing Stranger



Speed home the passing stranger,

who comes gently to your door,

whether fleeing hunger,

or cruel, incessant war,

for bound are we by one true law,

that above the rest does reign,

humanity is one shared self and so must share the pain.


speed home the passing stranger,

whose heart sings of journeys past,

through loss and toil and danger,

and each day feared the last,

for the future is a die yet cast,

and none can know their fate,

but it’s easy to extend a hand before it’s all too late.


speed home the passing stranger,

who travels through your land,

seeking refuge from the anger,

to be touched by gentle hand,

for none of us alone can stand,

against the bitter blows of time,

sharing be the only wealth,

all else is but a crime.


speed home the passing stranger,

who one day may be me,

a solitary wanderer,

long blind, but now can see

that we can have or we can be,

but in the having we must die,

for having is a taking and all the rest’s a lie.


speed home the passing stranger,

who’s weary this tired day,

no matter if a sinner,

or perhaps has found the way,

for it’s what we do instead of say,

that makes us who we are,

we who live together, beneath this saddened star.












10 comments on “Speed Home The Passing Stranger

  1. sar108 says:

    This is A POEM- carved in stone to last for whoever, stumble upon it- I am speechless, except for uh ah wow…How have you deserved this talent that exceeds the value of millions of efforts?
    I don’t care what kind of rhyme you used, and how you did it, it’s power of beauty that defies description. It’s not socialist either- you cannot lock it there, the poem is laughing at you when you try to ”define” it and fills the space even you’ve been unaware of. I am serious, the poem can do a favour to the poet too IMO. Comes from you, yes, but lives totally different life,

    You are a GREAT POET.


    • Christopher Black says:

      Thank you very much for the high praise, my friend. Maybe you are right and it is not exactly socialist but I mean in the sense it is about helping others-not being selfish, caring for other human beings. The poem can do a favour to the poet-hmmm, had never though of that. But I liked it as soon as I got that first line-it just came into my head and stayed there for some days and I wondered what I wanted to say with it-why it came up-probably something I was feeling at the time -or am-so sat down, and over a few days out came the rest. The rhyme scheme, is one I had not used before and is not often used these days but I wanted to use it for this one.


  2. Excellent. My commendations,


  3. martin says:


    Re your recent MH17 article on New Eastern Outlook.

    John Helmer is a native Australian not from the USA as detailed in his bio on his website.


  4. Christopher Black says:

    But his bio states he was born in Australia -worked in the US:http://johnhelmer.net/?page_id=2


  5. Y.C. Lee, Tenor says:

    my compliments


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