Interalienation of their hearts,

It seemed and was not,

Though both played resentful parts,

In proud unwillingness to share,

One place, one pillow, one paltry fare,

It was perfectionism, they confess,

To know the truth and ask for nothing less.

Their fierce-eyed guardians watched from overhead;

‘These two, alone, have learned to love,’ they said,

‘But neither can forget they are not worthy of each other yet.’

6 comments on “Interalienation

  1. Irina says:

    C’est très bizarre: La date tragique-Novembre 13…
    La poésie magnifique-tout les raisons de cette souffrance interminable…
    Grand Merci!


    • Christopher Black says:

      Merci bien pour vos pensees si gentils et sympa. Je les apprecie beaucoup. Mai pourquoi le date est si traqique pur vous, le 13 novembre? Mais oui, le poem est une distillation d’une experience traqique dans la vie. Thank you very much for your kind words and support. Bit yes, you make me curious about the 13th of November. Chris


      • Irina says:

        Merci à Vous surtout !
        It’s a privilege 2 get a reply from You.
        As for your poem, my husband , my best friend, my “brother” if you will, …commited suicide on that day…a few years ago
        And I COULDN’T prevent it….


      • Irina says:

        Just found out about Castro.
        this planet definitely sucks…


  2. Irina says:

    Don’t see my comment so far…. Apologize in case it’s the same 2nd one😕
    Bizarre: La date tragique – Novembre 13…(pour moi, évidemment)
    La poésie magnifique – les raisons de cette souffrance interminable…


  3. Christopher Black says:

    Yes, a very sad day for all of us with the passing of our comrade. But am happy he lived and did what he did. And very sad to understand the importance of the 13th. When you lose someone like that, as I have also, not too long ago, it is difficult to see any way of carrying on with that pain, but we have no choice.


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