I Remember Bluebells

I remember bluebells,

Soft, strewn among the trees,

And I remember songbirds,

And running by the sea,

And I remember one long night,

You took your leave of me.


You took your leave, without a word,

‘Midst shadows of the night,

Hands outstretched to take you back,

You slipped beyond my sight,

And the only softening sound I heard

Above my falling tear,

Was the distant sound of nature’s love,

In a cricket’s song of cheer.


I remember bluebells,

Like stars among the dew,

And I remember mists of rain,

And all my words spoke true,

But aye, you wanted someone else,

And all my words were vain,

As you took from me the rose you gave,

Another’s heart to gain.


Remember When


Remember when you kissed me soft,

And all the birds did sing as oft

They used before the dew-washed morn,

Remember when you held my hand

As we walked upon the sea-bathed sand

From where our whispers on the waves were borne,

To distant shores where hearts are torn.

Remember when you touched my face,

And all the world became a place

Of magic spells and breathless dreams,

Remember when you called my name

While we played love’s happy game

And your smiles filled sweet flowered beams

Of light from which our love still gleams,

Remember when you touched my eyes,

And all our whispered words were wise

And silent time took needed rest,

Remember when we carved a tree

With words we wanted all to see

That proved we were among the blest,

Yet, now our love is cold and laid to rest.