I Am A NATO Soldier


I am a NATO soldier, I’ve travelled far and wide,

There’s lots of killing to be done, and I do it all with pride,

I’ve soldiered in Afghanistan, I’ve soldiered in Ukraine,

I love the smell of rifle fire, and never feel their pain,

I’ve killed them by the thousands in Korea and Iraq,

It’s all the same to me who dies, the white, the brown, the black,

The enemy is unknown to me, and that’s the way of war,

To shoot them down is lots of fun, while peace is just a bore,

They tell me I’m a saviour – of all democracy,

But then I’m told to overthrow whomever they decree,

And I follow all their orders, as I agreed to do,

So yesterday I killed a man and cut his wife in two,

Because my sergeant said so, no point to reason why,

But they were a bit suspicious and so they had to die,

And if at night we’re troubled by faces in our dreams,

The chaplain reassures us that nothing’s as it seems,

So on we move from war to war, our work will never slow,

They make films of what we do to help the children grow,

Now they’ve sent me near to Russia, and looks like China too,

But who they are I’m never sure, nor what they really do,

For once you’ve joined the army, there’s nothing more to say,

You shout hurrah with fervour and reach out your hand for pay,

But now I sense confusion, from the bottom to the top,

This new war seems to bother them, I hear all life could stop.

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