Have You?











Have you thought of what you’re gonna do

When they’re near to drive you mad,

Will you kiss the air when no one’s there,

Embracing shadows of the past,

Or tango solo to the radio,

Wondering, what the fuck’s it for,

High on fumes of platitudes, of bullshit and the lies,

Awareness setting in too late, you’re too far gone to care,

No reflection in the mirror, only silence when you speak,

But for whisperings of those devils, the ones you thought you beat,

Or will you reminisce of taste and touch, of kisses in the dark,

Her hand guiding yours that night,

As the stars looked down and watched,

And made their bets on who’d come first,

As your hand guided hers.






5 comments on “Have You?

  1. crgwebmaster says:

    Dear Chris,

    the HuaWei law suit in Canada.

    “The 13 counts against Meng – fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy – as outlined in a warrant issued last August, relate to Huawei’s meticulously …

    Could you write an article for Global Research, the legal justification is grotesque,

    with thanks, your analysis is invaluable,

    Michel, (Chossudovsky( crgeditor@yahoo.com


    • Christopher Black says:

      Hi Michel, sorry am travelling-I might be able to wrote something in a few days-have to catch up on the proceedings


  2. Nancy says:

    Love it Uncle Chris.
    Especially the line “tango solo to the radio” and “what the fuck it’s for” – so pleasing to say aloud.
    You’re so romantic and jaded =)
    Will it be in your new book?


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