The Old Man Raved







The old man raved the more he drank,

And the more he drank he raved,

Of such strange conceived and unheard things,

It made us almost mad,

But we knew that somewhere in his words

There lay the ring of truth,

And so we sat before him,

As he waved his glass around,

And told us of a land he’d found

While seeking shelter from the wars,

That seemed to him enchanted,

Or created in a dream,

Where people spoke with music,

And swords were shameful things,

Where philosophy was honoured,

And common folk were kings,

Where chains were made of flowers,

That bound eternal peace to love,

Where jails had not been thought of,

Nor devils, priests, or gods,

That wove a spell upon us so,

His dream became our own,

But when we asked where was this land,

In which direction did it lay,

He took his glass and drank it deep,

Then, in his raving way,

Declared he had to tell the world,

So left, but leaving, lost his way,

And spite his years of searching,

And growing old in Shangri-La,

He never found that path again,

So the dream began to fade,

But now old age had grabbed him,

Had seized him by the throat,

So remembered what they told him,

Of the universal Truth,

Expressed in Nature’s language,

That speaks within us all,

But few of us can hear it,

As we wander on our way,

At which his raving ended,

And slowly quiet he became,

And as he took another drink,

We wondered at his tale.
















6 comments on “The Old Man Raved

  1. nice poem Chris, remember to check my blog at and send my regards to Andre Vltchek.
    I love Allen Ginsberg and heaps of other Beats like Ferlinghetti and their dedication to socialism…Ginsberg was especially my hero since age 11. The Western World needs to REINVENT its beautiful counter culture that was destroyed by negative forces, and hopefully, that loving “punky reggai party”
    that Bob Marley engendered and the 60 million voices of dissent in the western world with mavericks such as you and Vltchek, can stop this western insanity and Western Empire destruction that will only destroy itself….as a tired old New Age communist punk, seeing the Western Empire (which has now virtually fragmented) join in PEACE with China and friends IS THE ONLY WAY….and, hopefully, a new world government capital in western China’s Sichuan, near India, can develop, bringing peace, love, abundance and African libetation to the world…….the world needs to work as ONE, and “thought leaders” such ad yourself and Vltchek are critical, you really are brave!


  2. Christopher Black says:

    Thank you very much. Yes, Ginsburg, and the Beats are a big influence-I have a collection of his poems but have not attained his ability yet to speak as freely as he does, or maybe I have -not sure what the iiner self contains. Agree with what you say. Just checked out your blog-very interesting, thanks for alerting me to iy and yourself, reminds me of Burroughs and Neruda at the same time -I’ll ry to read more of you work. Thanks for the support and the contact.


  3. Christopher Black says:

    PS. I’ll pass on your comment to Vltchek. 🙂


  4. Grant Joyce says:

    Christopher I just discovered your writings here and on Facebook. I am aligned with your politics and inspired by your poetry. As a fellow Torontonian I salute you. Cheers.


    • Christopher Black says:

      HI Grant, Thank you for the support and am happy to hear from someone who shares my view of the world. Glad you like the poetry-a few short stories you might like as well. Chris


    • Christopher Black says:

      thank you sorry for late reply-this went to spam for some reason


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