A Glass of Rum


A glass of rum before me now,

as pure as juice of gold,

is all that’s left of younger dreams,

once dreamt in younger days,

of a world by love and labour ruled,

not banks, the cruel, the thieves,

and all their creeping underlings,

who with dismal shadows work,

as pale of skin, as pale as death,

for day they’re shamed to see,

a world where none could ever think to hate,

for then we’d hate ourselves,

by struggle freed from heavy chains

they from our blood long forged,

freed with righteous justice,

by all our righteous might,

all power by us seized, at last,

to end the endless night,

to end the endless sacrifice,

to gods with drunken smiles,

to make a life worth living,

to try to learn the way,

the way with nature, and ourselves,

but now this glass is all there is,

and nightmares fill my sleep,

a chaos swept by darkness,

dark clouds without a sky.




5 comments on “A Glass of Rum

  1. Gary says:

    Hey Chris, we met at I am Coffee, through Allan B. I’m the other guy with curly hair! I was wondering why you don’t consider calling your blog – A Minor Poet – since you’ve been described that way on-line. Seems kind of fitting to me?



    • Christopher Black says:

      Hi Gary, yes, I remember, talking about music and your show. Good suggestion -always fancied myself being referred to that way “him, oh, him, yes, a minor poet I think or something” 🙂 but I called it what I did after a book from the 1600 hundreds called The Voyce of the World, a collection of a country doctors writings-on all sorts of subjects-and though I started the blog to put out my poetry and short stories I ended up being forced (by popular demand) to post some of my legal writing for a different audience and didnt want to set up two blogs so kept that name. my email is bar@idirect.com. Hope to see you at the cafe again.


      • Gary says:

        Hey Chris,

        Thanks very much for your reply – as well as the background on the name you chose for your blog! Sounds terribly authentic – country doctors and all! (-:

        However, even though you’ve included some of your legal manifestos – couldn’t you stretch it just a bit, and call all of that poetry as well?

        Lastly, I have an addition to include – call it, A Minor Poet Speaks!



      • Christopher Black says:

        Or I could call it A Poet Speaks in A Minor 🙂


      • Gary says:

        Very, very good Chris! However, I think you might have to take some meds to make it to A minor!


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