Impressions On A Passing Cloud


White and fair she moved on the wind,

With the speed of a greyhound, a Golden Hind,

She scudded along on a windward tack,

Making for heaven, the sky at her back,

She sailed unmanned, this ghost of a ship,

But for Captain Tom Paine, who vowed he’d come back,

For the sad ship, Reason, before the winds ran,

Searching the seas for the lost Rights of Man.

2 comments on “Impressions On A Passing Cloud

  1. Indeed. And those seas are vast. Funnily enough, when I hit the word “greyhound” in the second line, the first image that to mind was “the bus,” Drake’s ‘Pelican’ apparently having morphed again…


  2. Christopher Black says:

    🙂 there is a line in an old poem by Walter Raleigh or someone like that about the ship the Golden Hind which was named after a mythical fast greyhound dog (and so the name of the bus company of course on which I have travelled many ties in my youth.) To me they represent speed so their appearance in the poem

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