The United States Threatens Nuclear War Against the Beautiful People of North Korea



In view of the very dangerous situation the American leadership and media are provoking with North Korea I think it important that people read this letter from the DPRK to the Security Council dated a few months ago in 2016 when other sanctions were imposed on them so that the public can determine for themselves who has reason and right on their side and who is acting rationally and who are the lunatics.

This is an excerpt but do not leave it at that-read it in its entirety and share it:

“If access to nuclear weapons is to be called into question, the US, the first country in the world which had access to nuclear weapons and the only user of them, should be done so, and if any fault is to be found with the DPRK access to nuclear weapons, it is imperative to pull up the U.S. over the hostile policy and nuclear threat towards the DPRK for which it is responsible. The DPRK access to nuclear weapons is an unavoidable option for self-defence made by it, as the US, the world’s biggest nuclear-weapon State and the only user of nuclear weapons, designated the dignified DPRK as an “axis of evil” and target of a pre-emptive nuclear strike and has persistently escalated the hostile moves and nuclear threats to the DPRK by introducing various kinds of lethal hardware for a nuclear war. ”