Nagasaki Warning





The news came through the din of war,

That things were seen not seen before,

Nor told in tales, nor prophecies,

Nor legends known, our histories,

Of lights and shadows roaming wild,

The veil of death on every child,


The news came through of shaking earth,

Of flaming winds and thunderous might,

Of vapours born a bloody birth,

Of melting skin in dark of night,


The news came through of cities burned

By blast of flame, by flash of light

As women turned to shadows yearned

For evening songs, a morning bright,


The news came through, the last we heard,

Of madmen dancing on a tomb,

Who jeered at life with every word,

And bled the blood from every womb.


Then we turned towards the sky,

Towards the rushing, roaring sound,

And, for an instant, wondered why.


5 comments on “Nagasaki Warning

    • Christopher Black says:

      Dear Katherine,

      i have never thought of posting others articles except in a few cases where I agreed to put something out because it needed to be published and I was doing a favour for someone I am close to. I set my blog up reallyf or my poetry and short stories but also posted some political articles there due to my work. Thanks for asking though. I might consider it depending on what the article is. But I have a very small following so far so you might be better off trying elsewhere. I tried to find your blog but not sure where to find it. Can you send the link? Chris


  1. Stan91 says:

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  2. […] Source: Nagasaki Warning […]


  3. Hannah Rush says:

    Reblogged this on The Winstanley Gazette and commented:
    On this day in 1945 the Americans exploded the first nuclear bomb beginning an era of constant world terror we have lived with ever since-within a month they used this weapon on the people of Japan to terrorise them and the rest of the world.
    A few lines about the instant before the people of Nagasaki were incinerated.


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