I Stopped A Rich Man

I stopped a rich man on a bad day,

Some change for my pride, that’s all,

He threatened arrest,

Then spat in my face,

For blocking his way.

He wore a long black coat,

And a slaver’s face,

He was a priest of business,

A cardinal of cheats,

And so, twice robbed,

I stood, hand upturned,

Head bowed low,

Eyes cast down,

Shoulders tensed,

Waiting for the whip.


6 comments on “I Stopped A Rich Man

  1. Christopher Black says:

    Not sure-sometimes FB won’t allow some images-never understand them-and google-not sure either-but past 3 days havi
    ng trouble


  2. Christopher Black says:

    From seeing beggars on the streets in Toronto-used to stop and talk to them and their experiences-one guy told me that happened to him once-decided to put it on paper


  3. Irina says:

    Great poème, Maître!
    You’ve got a new admirer of your poetry & that would be me, Irina.

    Actually, I’ve been following your career (on & off) since your brave and honourable work @ that fictitious tribunal for Yugoslavia, country I adore, having studied there Srpsko-Hrvatski language, literature, history etc. I insist on S-H , don’t care about political correctness- ça m’est égal – due to privilege being a student at all major Us: of Belgrade, Zagreb etc.
    Well, back to poetry…Your “Rich Man” reminded me of Baudelaire “l’imprévu “:

    Avez-vous donc pu croire, hypocrites surpris,
    Qu’on se moque du maître, et qu’avec lui l’on triche,
    Et qu’il soit naturel de recevoir deux prix,
    D’aller au Ciel et d’être riche?

    En solidarité!!!


  4. Christopher Black says:

    Ah, than thank you. Did we ever meet in Beograde? Anyway, to be compared to Baudelaire is very high praise and a bit overwhelming.


    • Irina says:

      Thanks 4 your replies. No, we’ve never met. Back then I was in Asia. Of course, I have more to say/ask/comment on, if You don’t mind…But a bit later, ok?
      Right now i’m busy with /smthg/, called
      ben s harper – I never tweet, never follow; but somehow, that creature’s tweet ended in my mai box…which made me totally enraged: that “chose ” dared 2 talk about Fidel😆
      A bientôt, j’espère


      • Irina says:

        Well, that tweeting keeps me awake and crying in outrage, Maître, all night long…
        apparently, once one starts – reads/comments – whatnot – it’s never ending…(tweet)

        But i’m yet 2 see smthng at least relatively reasonable/serious/ worthy of that grand spirit, that beautiful/brave/compassionate soul…Fidel…

        Instead, all i’m getting coming from north america is hateful, ignorant, venomous ramble…
        et un carnavalesque carnage a Miami en plus…autrement dit : malediction: Mal et Diction

        mais, avec une exception presque: cette faite par PM Canadian… forcement , au moins j’espère y a assez des gens décent par ici…justement comme Vous

        However, wise & calm words of Иосиф Сталин help somewhat: “I know: upon my death , tons of garbage would be thrown onto my tomb, but the wind of History will disperse them”

        My apologies, but would You allow me 2 write to You again, later?
        there r certain things I just have 2 tell You, e.g. your poetry, your work of almost the “only one & lonely at that of noble crusader”(that quote – that’s mine – does it make any sense in English? + so much more)…


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